CAD Training Australia provides high quality, engaging training delivered to you ONLINE – as well as real life.

Perhaps you’re looking for a self-paced course to learn at your own speed? Or, due to geographical distance, it’s difficult to get your design team together in the same room. Whatever your reason, our online CAD training programs will deliver the skills you and your business needs.

We’ve developed two great online options for you to choose from.

Live Online CAD Training

Over a series of online sessions with our top trainers, using a secure TeamViewer platform, we can take you from a beginner to a skilled user.

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Content: You will learn the same content as our face to face AutoCAD training courses and receive the same reference notes. You will see on your own screen how your CAD software works and then practice your new skills through our customised exercises.

Our live online training can take you right through an introductory course or focus on just a few specific topics. Let us know what you need, and we will design and deliver it just for you.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us for a detailed proposal and to see how we can customise our training for your business needs.

Price: Our live online training can be delivered from as little as $150 (+GST) per hour.

Self Paced Video CAD Training


CAD Training Australia is excited to offer our new self-paced video courses. These are a series of videos created by our dynamic trainers that take you through your CAD software from the start.

DurationYou decide!

Content: Download an entire course or just grab the one video that covers what you need, we’ve got all your training options covered.

When you purchase an entire course, you gain access to all the course videos, training resource material, and get access to our help line for when you really get stuck.

There are quizzes in each course to help you test your understanding.

You can also purchase individual topics for when you just need a brush up in one or two areas.

Full details coming soon…

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