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TurboCAD, developed by IMSI design, is a full featured 2D and 3D CAD program. It is a value for money package that offers users most of the functionality more expensive programs provide. TurboCAD is available in four feature levels, Designer, Deluxe, Professional, and Platinum. Each level offers more drawing features and add-in packages.

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Suggested Course Outline for TurboCAD

Whilst we tailor all our TurboCAD training to your needs, the below is a great starting point to get the ball rolling

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TurboCAD Beginners

Duration3 days

Content: Our beginners course shows you how to set-up TurboCAD for your needs and master all the basic 2D drafting operations. You’ll be producing an accurate, fully dimensioned drawing before you know it. We cover all the fundamental drawing and modify commands, dimensioning, symbols, and plotting.

Price: Courses start from $4395 + GST

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